1. Man in a Wheelchair in the Snow

    How to De-Ice Your Wheelchair Ramp

    A ramp is a simple tool that has helped humanity for thousands of years move incredibly heavy objects. After all, it takes a lot less force to push something across a smooth surface than it does to lift it and carry it. Ramps were believed to have been used to move the heavy blocks and stones that b…Read More

  2. Child Doing Homework in a Wheelchair

    How to Manage Your Home with Limited Mobility, Part 1

    If you are someone with limited mobility, you understand how hard it can be to navigate a world that is designed for those with adequate mobility. While most businesses now have wheelchair accessible ramps and disability parking, once inside, the aisles can be hard to navigate, as well as finding a …Read More

  3. Closeup of Hands Planting a Garden

    Spring Activities for Older Adults

    We all need to stay active, but for older adults, it’s especially important. Our sense of balance and bone strength can all be improved when we get in regular activity. As it starts to warm up in New Jersey, we can finally start to do more outside! Able Care Group offers the best installations for…Read More