Enclosed vertical lifts provide you with the safety and accessibility to get to where you need to go, with limited hassle. The enclosed vertical lift has a clean appearance, like a home or commercial elevator, and can have up to three stops to help everyone who needs to utilize it with optimal mobility. If you are a business owner, our commercial platform lifts are an excellent mobility solution to increase handicap accessibility at your place of business. At Able Care Group, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality mobility solutions including wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, platform lifts, and overhead patient lifts. If you have more questions about our platform lifts, feel free to contact us. We proudly provide enclosed vertical lift installations throughout New Jersey and New York.

Features of Our Enclosed Vertical Lifts

  • Lifts up to 14′: Our enclosed vertical platform lifts can be up to 14-feet tall, with shorter models available.
  • Clean aesthetic: Our enclosed lifts look as great as they perform. These lifts are ideal for homes and business applications.
  • Fiberglass or steel panels: Our enclosed lifts can be built with fiberglass or steel panels, as you prefer.
  • Dome roof: The dome roof of our enclosed lifts is ideal for exterior applications, keeping weather out of the lift interior.
  • Interior ventilation and lighting: Interior ventilation and lighting are available, depending on the model.
  • Key locks: Keep your lift locked and secure with key locks — making the enclosed lifts ideal for exterior applications.
  • Power door operators: The doors of the lift can be power-operated, making it easier to enter and exit the lift.
  • Up to three stops: Enclosed lifts can be built in a variety of configurations, and may make up to three stops at three different heights.