Caretaker and Individual in Wheelchair

When people see the technology that we at Able Care Group install, they usually find it completely familiar or completely foreign. Mobility is one of those things that we don’t think about until it’s compromised. For people who have had to find solutions to their mobility, words like “stairlift” and “platform lift” are nothing out of the ordinary.

But for those who might be wondering who is best served by our products, this blog is for you. This knowledge is vital for business owners and CEOs who are looking to make their companies and buildings more accessible to clients and employees alike. However, this is also just good knowledge to have. By being aware of situations that aren’t immediately accessible to all, you can be a better ally and advocate to those with disabilities or physical limitations.

Take a look at how stairlifts, platform lifts, wheelchair ramps, and more can help others, and get your business or home outfitted with the best technology — contact Able Care Group in New Jersey and New York to begin.


Often known as “wheelchair ramps,” ramps can truly help anyone. Businesses should be sure they have some form of ramp available to meet ADA compliance, but homes can just as well benefit from having a ramp.

Anyone in a wheelchair deserves access to buildings and homes, which a ramp can provide. Additionally, anyone who uses a walker, cane, or crutches (if you’ve ever had to walk on crutches, you know how much of a difference ramps can make) will also likely prefer a ramp. Even for people who don’t use something to assist their walking, ramps can prevent falls and related injuries — this is especially relevant for those in older age, where balance, coordination, and overall strength tend to weaken.

Did we mention that we offer portable and threshold ramps as well? These ramps are a great solution for people needing ramps to cover shorter distances.


Families purchase two-story houses in the younger years and everything’s fine. But as people get older, moving up and down stairs becomes quite the obstacle — and a dangerous one at that. Thinking about mobility in a home is something that changes over time. A stairlift is a great solution for older adults, because it provides the necessary safety without requiring adults to find a different, more accessible home.

Stairlifts are also excellent for certain nursing homes or assisted living communities, or for anyone who can walk on even surfaces without any problems, but struggles to get up and down stairs. Able Care Group can provide stairlifts that work both indoors and outdoors, on curved or straight-rail staircases.


Some people love to install an elevator in their home, purely because it adds a modern and luxurious flair. A person doesn’t need to use a wheelchair just to have an elevator installed in their home, though that can be highly useful. Elevators are great for transporting wheelchairs, particularly if the person using a wheelchair needs assistance getting around. Families with kids who have special needs might find elevators more useful than a platform lift, solely because they can accompany their children while moving throughout the house.

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are excellent for those who independently use their wheelchair. Like a modified elevator, platform lifts can transport people up all kinds of staircases. Vertical platform lifts are a great investment for businesses as well, particularly for companies that may not have a need for an elevator (like if they only have a couple of stairs leading up the building versus an entire floor).

Platform lifts can also be installed for outdoor purposes, making decks and backyards and patios much easier to access. Most homes don’t come with a platform lift, but that doesn’t mean that many people rely on them. If you’ve bought a new house that isn’t adequately accessible, or if your existing house is great but your needs have changed, getting a platform lift is a good way to get your mobility back on track.

Able Care Group is proud to serve so many areas of New Jersey and New York, providing the mobility solutions that people need to make their lives all the better. Whether for your home or your business, for you or for a loved one, Able Care Group has the technology and tools to make accessibility easier than ever. Call us for advice, estimates, and installation scheduling information!