Woman in Wheelchair With Caretaker

Do you feel a prisoner at home because you can’t get up and down stairs freely? At Able Care Group LLC in Passaic we have the tools to recover your mobility at home, there is no reason to only live in half your home!

A straight lift or curved stair lift can make the difference between moving freely from one floor to another. Stairlifts are compact, so they won’t take a lot of space in the stairwell. If you’re not using the stairlift you can easily fold up the seat and the foot plate.

Check out the three benefits you will gain once you start using stairlift as a mobility solution for your home:

Prevents Accidents – Safety All the Time

Stairs are considered the most dangerous area of a home. Your stairlift will keep you secure and you will feel secure while using them. A simple installation of a stairlift or rental will ensure you are safe through times where the stairs are a challenge.


Independence Through Mobility

When you reach the stairs area you struggle imagining all the hard work and anxiety of walking up or down the stairs. With our stairlifts solutions you will never hesitate to take the stairs down or up in your home again, you will move freely and gain confidence while you use it.


From Able Care Group LLC, you will receive at all times extreme customer service. We are the first company in the Metro New York and New Jersey area to install modular ramps system. As a family owned business we put your interests and the right solutions first, every time.

Looking for a curved or straight stairlift for your staircase and gain your mobility or family member’s mobility back? Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 1-800-310-1196 or visit our local Able Care Group LLC showroom in Passaic.