Curved Rail Stairlift Seat at Base of Stairs

At Able Care Group, we strive to provide the perfect mobility and accessibility solutions for people to overcome their disabilities. If you are located in the New York and New Jersey Area, Able Care Group in Passaic is your solution for your accessibility challenges.

Stairlifts are the perfect solutions when you have limited mobility from one space to another from the first to the second floor. A stairlift can last you a lifetime to ensure and is a worthwhile investment for your home if is handled with care.


The Basics

Before you start using your stairlift from Able Care Group LLC we recommend you to read through the instruction manual to get familiar with the use of the chair. Here you will find everything related with different cleaning products and steps you can use to keep your Stairlift up and running. An Able Care installer will go over the stairlift with you to ensure you are fully comfortable using it before they leave your home.

Regular Clean Up

The simple way to maintain your stairlift clean is to get a damp cloth and wipe over the seat and track at least once a week to prevent dirt and dust building up and hinder the chair during function.
Note: Avoid use of detergents, degreasers, and solvents that can wear away the materials on the stairlift.


Perform an annual inspection to ensure that everything is running smoothly. After the annual inspection or through the year if you experience malfunctioning call a specialist right away. Speak to our installers about available maintenance plans for your lift to insure you get the most out of it.

Looking for a curved or straight-rail stairlift for your staircase and gain your mobility or family member’s mobility back? Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 1-800-310-1196 or visit our local Able Care Group LLC store at Passaic.