Man in Wheelchair in Bedroom

Strokes, car accidents, osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases associated with growing older can all result in a limited capacity to walk and climb. For those who are experiencing limited mobility, a simple staircase can seem more like a mountain. If these stairs are in your home, the house you love can suddenly feel cut off to you. Don’t let the stairs in your home stop you from being able to spend time in every room of your home, including the second floor. Instead, educate yourself on whether a stairlift would be the best course of action — Able Care would be happy to install it for you if you’d like!

#1 Stairlifts Prevent Accidents

Stairs are considered the most dangerous area of a home for everyone, especially those who have a limited climbing capacity. Even a simple trip can result in a long tumble down the stairs, and serious bone breaks for older people. A stairlift will keep you safe and steady, reducing the risk of this area.

#2 You Won’t Need to Move

Often, the bedrooms and bathrooms are on the second floor of a house. That causes a huge problem for those trying to avoid climbing the stairs. For many people, being unable to climb the stairs means they must move to a new home and leave the house they have so many memories in. Don’t let this happen to you; instead install a stairlift and stay in the home you love.

#3 It Will Give You Your Independence Back

Too many times, older people and those who have suffered an accident must grapple with no longer being an independent adult. Very few people enjoy someone taking care of them in this manner. With a stairlift, you will never hesitate to take the stairs down or up again, instead opting to wait on someone to help you. You will move freely and gain confidence while you use it.

#4 It Is Often the Most Affordable Option

If can’t live without what is upstairs, and most people can’t, the other choices are moving to another home or having an elevator put into your house. Both of these solutions are expensive. Especially if your insurance plan helps in covering the cost, a stairlift in much more cost-effective.

#5 You Can Purchase One From a Trusted Company

A stairlift is important for your independence and security, so it make sense to purchase one from a trusted source. With Able Care Group LLC, you will receive excellent customer service. As a family owned business we put your interests and the right solutions first, every time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 1-800-310-1196 or visit your local Able Care Group LLC showroom. We serve the mobility-challenged residents of New York and New Jersey with pride, knowing we help their daily lives.