Benefits of Installing a Stairlift Banner

At Able Care Group, your happiness is our priority. We aim to help you maximize your quality of life by increasing your mobility and accessibility throughout your home or place of business. We offer a number of handicap accessibility solutions including ramps, stairlifts, platform lifts and overhead patient lifts. And, in addition to the high-quality products we offer, our experienced professionals also provide installation options and 24/7 support for our clients.

The high-quality, sturdy stairlifts we sell and install are one of our most popular solutions for those with limited mobility. If you are living in a multiple-story home and feel trapped because you are unable to climb the stairs, a stairlift is the absolute perfect option for you! Imagine being able to access the second story of your home by means of a comfortable and seamless ride up the staircase. Stairlifts are an excellent accessibility solution for anyone who is handicapped or is experiencing mobility issues within their own home. At Able Care Group, we are proud to offer a variety of stairlifts including curved rail lifts, straight rail lifts and outdoor lifts. No staircase is too windy, straight or outdoorsy for the professionals at Able Care Group!

Easy and Safe Means of Travel

A stairlift is a wonderful accessibility solution for anyone who is handicapped, disabled or elderly. Whether you currently experience issues with mobility, or are worried about the decline of your balance and coordination, stairlifts are an easy and safe method of travel between different floors in your home. The seats are comfortable. The ride is smooth. And Able Care Group provides quick installation! You really have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) when you choose to install a stairlift today! A stairlift will provide you with the security and confidence to move around your own home without the fear of falling or feelings of disappointment because you are unable to access upstairs. No one should feel trapped in their home, and our accessibility solutions allow you to live your life without restriction.


When mobility and accessibility become problems in life, it’s common for the person who is disabled to require help from others. Sometimes the personal caregiver is needed every day, all day, and sometimes the assistant is simply a friend who stops by to check-in. Whatever the case may be, a stairlift is one way to give a handicapped person control over their mobility and allow them the independence to travel up and down stairs when they need to. Even if personal assistance is present 24/7, it’s possible that the caregiver may not be strong enough to help the patient up and down the stairs, which is yet another reason why a stairlift is a great solution.

Cost-Effective Transportation Solution

If you’ve been living in your home for awhile, chances are you are happy and settled. With age comes issues with mobility, which may make it more difficult to access the upper-floors in your home. Instead of uprooting your life and moving into a single-story, ranch-style house, a much faster and more cost-effective solution is the installation of a stairlift. This way, you are able to stay in your home without investing tons of time and money into big renovations or going through the headache of moving into a new house. Keep it simple and make life easier for yourself by calling Able Care Group to install your new straight, curved or outdoor stairlift today!

Moving Belongings Around the House

Climbing the stairs while carrying armloads of laundry or a box of Christmas decorations can be hard, especially as we grow older. If you have been experiencing bouts of weakness or issues with balance and coordination, a stairlift will do wonders for you! Don’t leave your heavy items stacked at the bottom of the stairs anymore, and don’t live in fear of your staircase! Stairlifts are quick and easy to install and can be customized for your exact staircase and lifestyle! The options are endless.

Battery-Powered Technology

It’s storming outside and you’re bundled up in bed, sipping on hot chocolate. Suddenly you remember that you left the tea kettle on! You head down the hallway to the stairs, sit in your stairlift and at that exact second, the power goes out!  There’s absolutely no need to panic, though, because all of the stairlifts offered and installed by Able Care Group are battery powered. You will still be able to descend safely to turn off the screaming tea kettle! You cast rest easy knowing that even a power outage will not inhibit your accessibility when you have a stairlift installed at home. Just make sure to keep a flashlight by your bed and nightlights in every room!

Indoor and Outdoor Mobility

Your backyard is beautiful, and with summer around the corner, the last thing anyone wants is to be trapped inside because of a set of stairs leading from the home to the garden. When you turn to Able Care Group for help, stairs will no longer be an issue. If you have stairs, we have the stairlift that will easily carry you over the staircase and into your beautiful backyard. And when you’re done harvesting your heirloom tomatoes and zucchini squash, you can hold your basket of veggies on your lap as you head back up the stairlift. Enjoy the outdoors again when you call Able Care Group to install a stairlift for you, today!

The Able Care Group Difference

There are many companies that offer residential and commercial accessibility solutions, but at Able Care Group of New Jersey, we go above and beyond to provide you with the best services. Our selection of stairlifts include straight rail lifts, curved rail lifts and outdoor lifts. We also carry an inventory of pre-owned equipment that is in excellent condition, if you are seeking a cost-effective alternative to brand new gear.

We also offer veteran discounts, zero percent financing for up to six months, and a 72-hour installation guarantee. In addition, we promise that we will be at your doorstep within 23 hours of your phone call, and if you call us before noon, it’s likely we will show up at your home that same day! We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We pride ourselves in providing customers with friendly, professional service and are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our products. To find out more information about our stairlifts or discover which accessibility solution is right for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!