Nurse Caring for Woman in Wheelchair

At Able Care Group, your safety is our priority. Our goal is to help you continue enjoying your life to the fullest, even with limited mobility. As you grow older, balance, coordination, and muscle strength all begin to deteriorate, making you more susceptible to falls. In fact, one in four people over age 65 fall each year. And after a fall, that person is three times more likely to fall again!

Most elderly falls occur in the home, which is why our high-quality stairlifts are the perfect option to help you maintain your independence. More than 1.6 million adults are hospitalized each year due to fall-related injuries, including broken bones, head trauma and even death. While some patients are able to return home after treatment, many others need long-term care and rehabilitation. According to the Center for Disease Control, falls are the number one cause of death from an injury for people 65 years old and older.

In addition to our stair and chair lifts, here are a few simple home-safety and lifestyle changes you can take to reduce the risk of fall in your own home.

Stay Active

Exercise helps build muscle mass and can increase your balance and coordination. Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are best. For specific workout tips and tricks, contact a local physical therapist.

Grab Bars

Grab bars in the bathroom are extremely helpful, especially if the floor is wet after getting out of the shower or bath. We recommend having a set installed next to the toilet and in your shower/tub. Also remember to clean up wet or slippery floors immediately after they happen to prevent an accident.  

Declutter and Reorganize

Removing throw rugs, doormats and towels from the floor is a simple way to ensure you won’t trip and fall. If your throw rugs are too fabulous to toss, invest in some double-sided tape or non-slip adhesive strips. Stacks of books or magazines on the floor? Move them off the ground, onto a bookshelf or in a desk. Other things to keep an eye out for include electrical cords, pet food bowls and furniture legs. If it doesn’t need to be stored on the ground, relocate it to someplace higher up. The opposite also applies: if you have anything stored in places that are out of reach, reorganize your things so that you can access them without standing on a step stool or chair. If you have limited storage, a reach grabber tool can help you get to your hard-to-access belongings.

Check-in With Your Doctor

Having your eyes, bones and blood pressure regularly checked by your doctor is extremely important. It is easy for your blood pressure to drop when you move from a lying to standing position, which can cause dizziness and lead to a fall.  Also go over your current medications, making sure there are no negative interactions between your prescriptions.

Be Mindful of Your Shoewear

Shoes with non-slip soles can drastically decrease your chance of a fall. Steer clear of shoes with higher heels and no backs. Your foot should be completely enclosed by your shoe, and your footwear should fit comfortably, never too tight. If you enjoy wearing socks around the house, use a pair of slipper socks with non-slip rubber bottoms.

Revamp Your Lighting

When it comes to lighting in your home, the brighter the better. Use the highest recommended wattage for light bulbs and keep a flashlight by your bed in case you need to get up in the middle of the night. Also check out your outdoor and garage lighting. Install nightlights in every room in the house.

Always report a fall, if it occurs, as injuries may not be immediately felt or seen. If you are feeling limited in your mobility, or the second-story of your home is becoming harder to access, call one of our experienced professionals for a consultation. Don’t wait. Call today! Able Care Group provides mobility device services throughout New Jersey, including installing chair lifts, stair lifts, and more.