How to Tell If You're in Need of a Stairlift

As humans, we have this collective tendency to think that everything will stay the same. We hold onto this vain hope that how we were in our twenties will be the same in our forties and so on and so forth. Yet the reality exists in that we all are aging, and will continue to do so. Things can happen that limit our mobility, and as frustrating as that can be, this is far more common than many realize.

It can be exceedingly difficult to acknowledge that things are changing, and that your needs are developing into something different, but for your safety (or that of a loved one), it’s critical to do so. Able Care of New Jersey is the expert in stairlifts, portable wheelchair ramps, platform lifts, and so much more. We are absolutely committed to providing you with the mobility you deserve, and have been installing lifts and other equipment to get the ease of access you desire back to normal. Read on to see if you’re ready to have a stairlift installed, and contact Able Care today to bring your mobility back to life.

Your ability to get around has been compromised.

Perhaps you’ve been in a recent accident, or suffered a fall, or are overcoming an illness. No matter the reasoning, having a change in your mobility is one of the most common reasons why you’re in need of a stairlift. Our wheelchair lifts are exactly what can help you, in order to make moving around your home less of an obstacle and more of the ordinary, day-to-day task it should be. See how our stairlifts and Bruno platform lifts can help you at our site, and talk with a member of our team today.

Your ability is about to be compromised.

You might be fine right now, but perhaps that hip replacement surgery is coming up sooner than you think. Or maybe you’re anticipating some kind of treatment that is going to end up having an impact on how easily you can climb those stairs. No matter the reason, it’s so much better to be proactive to the situation than to react after the fact.

Ultimately, would you rather wait until you’re recovering for your mobility to become an issue? We’d hope not, because this is the time for you to focus on getting better. To truly get back to normal, you need life to continue as normal, and that means your accessibility to your environment needs to adapt in the process.

A family member’s mobility has changed.

Oftentimes the people we talk to in order to improve and enhance mobility around the home are those trying to help out a loved one. If someone you live with has experienced some form of incident that has left their mobility compromised, this is a perfect example of why we’re the mobility group you’ll want to work with. Having a stairlift installed for a family member will alleviate the stress for them, and for yourself as well. You won’t need to worry as much about being around the home, or stress about if they might fall when you’re not there. Not to mention, this will improve your loved one’s independence, and will strengthen their confidence in the process.

There’s been a change in living arrangements.

Whether you or a loved one is suddenly in a new environment, there likely have not been the same precautions and mobility points of access in place. When this is the case, it’s crucial to do what’s needed for mobility to improve. There might be steps in places that an old living space lacked, or someone’s room is now moving to a different level — either way, it’s essential to ensure that mobility is accessible. Movement should be equitable and a right, not a privilege, and our stairlifts can help make that happen.

You dread the stairs.

Just like we sometimes don’t go to the doctor when we’re feeling ill, sometimes we avoid certain situations because we think they’re not that bad. Sometimes it’s a pride thing, other times it’s because we think we can handle something ourselves. But if you find yourself dreading the stairs, and perhaps even avoiding them, it’s time for a stairlift from Able Care.

Dreading the stairs can seem strange at first, but then over time, it can grow unfortunately comfortable and normal. This is not, and should not, be the case. You can’t live your life leaving your favorite holiday decorations untouched, or your favorite sweater on another floor simply because you know the stairs are going to be difficult and painful. Don’t let this become a part of life — get your mobility back on track with a stair lift.

One of the most challenging things can be realizing that our mobility is not what it used to be. This can be a harsh reality, but not as harsh as accepting it as your fate in life. You have the opportunity to help yourself or a loved one with improving movement around the home, and this is an opportunity that should absolutely be taken. Like we’ve said in the past and will continue to say, mobility is not a privilege, but a right. Work with New Jersey’s experts in stairlifts, wheelchair platform lifts, portable wheelchair ramps, and so much more in order to get your movement rights restored. Contact our team today — we’d be honored to work with you.