1. Pre-Owned Stairlift Banner

    The Different Types of Stairlifts, Part 2

    Able Care Group has been offering the residents of New Jersey mobility solutions for over 30 years. We offer chair lifts, platform lifts, and wheelchair ramps — all with the goal of helping those with mobility limitations better navigate life. In our last blog post, we took a look at straight rail…Read More

  2. Curved Stairlift Banner

    The Different Types of Stairlifts, Part 1

    When you’re looking for a stairlift, or chair lift, it can be difficult to decide. Stairlifts have come a long way since they were first invented, and with today’s technology, they only become better and more sophisticated — making them even harder to choose between. Able Care Group has been s…Read More

  3. Senior and Young Girl Playing Outside

    Enjoying Your Backyard Again with Outdoor Ramps

    As the weather brightens and the day warms, you yearn to be outside. Feeling the sun on your face, the warm breeze in your hair, and hearing the birds sing their return from their winter hida-away can stir a restlessness inside that won’t go away until you satisfy it. However, if you are limited b…Read More

  4. Man in a Wheelchair in the Snow

    How to De-Ice Your Wheelchair Ramp

    A ramp is a simple tool that has helped humanity for thousands of years move incredibly heavy objects. After all, it takes a lot less force to push something across a smooth surface than it does to lift it and carry it. Ramps were believed to have been used to move the heavy blocks and stones that b…Read More

  5. Historical Wood Building

    History of Stairlifts

    The idea of needing help to go up and down stairs is nothing new. After all, humans have been building tall buildings, pyramids, churches, castles, homes, and other buildings with more than one floor for thousands of years. The human body has not changed in the aging process, people are still disabl…Read More

  6. Curved Stairlift Inside Building

    What Are Curved Stairlifts?

    Humans are incredibly ingenious as exhibited by the technology revolution that we currently live in. From cell phones and computers to self-driving cars and drones, we are surrounded by inventions that make our lives easier. The stairlift is one of those inventions that have allowed those with disab…Read More

  7. Woman Using a Walker

    How to Manage Your Home with Limited Mobility, Part 2

    Having limited mobility, whether you have a permanent disability or you are recovering from an injury or surgery, is challenging. After all, there’s so much to life that requires movement that when you are limited, it just makes life that much more difficult. Thus, if there are things you can do t…Read More

  8. Child Doing Homework in a Wheelchair

    How to Manage Your Home with Limited Mobility, Part 1

    If you are someone with limited mobility, you understand how hard it can be to navigate a world that is designed for those with adequate mobility. While most businesses now have wheelchair accessible ramps and disability parking, once inside, the aisles can be hard to navigate, as well as finding a …Read More

  9. Men Shoveling a Sidewalk

    Maintaining Mobility in Winter

    Let’s face it—for the many wonderful aspects that come from living in New Jersey, winter might not be one of them. The east coast tends to get hit pretty hard come December and January, which makes getting around more difficult. With all the ice, sleet, and snow that we get, driving and walking …Read More

  10. How to Tell If You're in Need of a Stairlift

    How to Tell If You’re in Need of a Stairlift

    As humans, we have this collective tendency to think that everything will stay the same. We hold onto this vain hope that how we were in our twenties will be the same in our forties and so on and so forth. Yet the reality exists in that we all are aging, and will continue to do so. Things can happen…Read More