1. Rail-Mounted Stairlift

    What’s The Difference Between Bruno and Acorn Stairlifts?

    A Bruno or an Acorn stairlift: Which one is better? It’s the question on many people’s minds when shopping for a stairlift. Both names are leading brands in the mobility solutions industry. Both brands have won awards and are known for their reliability. How can you make sure you’re choosing t…Read More

  2. Adult Standing With Senior Parent

    Signs Your Parent Needs a Stairlift

    Watching our parents grow old is a challenge that no one is ever truly prepared for. It’s tough to see the role reversal of having the “adults” in our lives suddenly begin to depend upon us — we’ll still always feel like kids to our parents. But as difficult as the aging process can be —…Read More

  3. Caretaker and Individual in Wheelchair

    Who Do Our Products Help?

    When people see the technology that we at Able Care Group install, they usually find it completely familiar or completely foreign. Mobility is one of those things that we don’t think about until it’s compromised. For people who have had to find solutions to their mobility, words like “stairlif…Read More

  4. Caretaker and Patient Smiling at Camera

    A History of the ADA

    Throughout history, there have been many civil rights movements that have had a profound impact on our country. These movements affect everything from culture and society, to even the mindsets of the general public. We know the names of activists like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Eliza…Read More