1. Woman in Wheelchair With Caretaker

    3 Benefits of Stairlifts – Moving Freely in Your Own Home

    Do you feel a prisoner at home because you can’t get up and down stairs freely? At Able Care Group LLC in Passaic we have the tools to recover your mobility at home, there is no reason to only live in half your home! A straight lift or curved stair lift can make the difference between moving freel…Read More

  2. Curved Rail Stairlift Seat at Base of Stairs

    3 Simple Ways to Keep your Stairlift Clean and Running

    At Able Care Group, we strive to provide the perfect mobility and accessibility solutions for people to overcome their disabilities. If you are located in the New York and New Jersey Area, Able Care Group in Passaic is your solution for your accessibility challenges. Stairlifts are the perfect solut…Read More