1. backyard wheelchair accessible able care group nj

    Enjoying Your Backyard Again with Outdoor Ramps

    As the weather brightens and the day warms, you yearn to be outside. Feeling the sun on your face, the warm breeze in your hair, and hearing the birds sing their return from their winter hida-away can stir a restlessness inside that won’t go away until you satisfy it. However, if you are limited b…Read More

  2. history of wheelchairs able care group nj

    History of Wheelchairs

    Since the beginning of time, there has always been a need for a way to transport someone with mobility issues. These early people either got hurt in a hunting accident, they are showing signs of age and just can’t keep up with the group, or they may have been born with a condition. Thus, a way to …Read More

  3. Wheelchair Ramp to Home Deck

    Outdoor Mobility Solutions

    As the weather gets warmer, the last thing anyone wants is to spend it inside. We’ve been cooped up for months during the New Jersey winter — we just want to feel the sunshine! But while it might be a piece of cake for some of us to bounce out the door and fly down the steps to get to our backya…Read More