Wood Ramp With Switchbacks

Choosing a permanent ramp structure at your home or business can be very complex, and of course you want to select the best ramp that fits your needs, but which type of ramp should you select?

Based in our experience below you will find eight reasons why Aluminum ramps are better than wood ramps in order to help you in your decision of choosing a permanent ramp structure for your home or business.


The Cost

Installing a wood ramp is significantly cheaper than installing an aluminum ramp. The estimated installation price per linear foot for a wood ramp is $100 and aluminum is $110. You might want to save a few bucks, but have you considered that wood ramps need yearly treatments? Have you considered that after three to five years you might have to replace the wood ramp? With an aluminum ramp no replacement is needed since aluminum never rust and the cost for maintenance is significantly cheaper.

Contractor Required

You have decided to buy a wooden modular ramp, but now you need to install it, you don’t know where to start, and you need to hire a contractor to finish the job. By the time the contractor is done you noticed that it required more work than you thought and a lot of fools you hadn’t used before.

The Raining Situation – Non-Slip Ramp

Every time it rains wood tends to become very slippery. Imagine you get out of your house after a long rain, is time to take your a cab, take a bus, or you want to visit a friend but first you need to go through your wood ramp on your wheelchair. It sounds like a challenge and an very dangerous situation that could end in a serious injury.

Aluminum modular ramps come with a built in anti-slip, open mesh design that allows rain and snow to pass through, also providing a great traction surface. Portable ramps also come with an anti-slip surface that prevents accidents when it is raining or snowing.


Imagine you have a big event, and you need a ramp for one time use only because a family member uses a wheelchair, you look for a quick solution don’t you? well wooden modular wheelchair ramp are not adjustable and they can’t be moved. However, Aluminum modular ramps can be quickly modified and is an asset that can be reused, resold or even rented out to others.


Once the ramp is finished, an inspector needs to check the level of the ramp and that construction has been done correctly. Inspections can be a real inconvenience. Oftentimes this will result in work needing to be redone, placing the burden of the extra cost on you if the contractor made a mistake during the process.

We Buy Aluminum Ramps Back

If a Modular Aluminum ramp is no longer needed it can either be moved to your new home or Able Care will remove the ramp for you and buy it back!

If you’re interested in purchasing a Aluminum Ramp, call us today and let our professional staff take care of your needs, you will definitely save money, time, and hassle.