Curved Metal Wheelchair Ramp

Welcome back to our blog series on wheelchair ramps! There are a lot of things to consider when you’re choosing the right ramp for your home or business. Our first blog discussed thinking about the steepness grade, the person or people using the wheelchair ramp, and whether it should be permanent or easily movable. Today we’re going to dive into the materials of ramps to help you figure out what would work best for your home or business. Contact Able Care Group to get a free quote on your wheelchair ramp installation today!

Wood Ramps

Wheelchair ramps made of wood provide a natural and rustic look that many homeowners love. At Able Care Group, we can install our Southern yellow pine ramps in a matter of hours, promising maximum and long-term stability. We also space out the boards to allow for drainage, as well as natural expansion and contraction of the wood.

While wood ramps are usually prone to warping and rot, Able Care Group pressure treats wood to prevent rotting from happening. You won’t have to worry about drastic changes to your wood ramp, but you can always tell us your concerns and we’ll answer any questions with full transparency.

Concrete Ramps

Able Care Group doesn’t pour concrete, but we do think it’s important to feature this type of wheelchair ramp regardless. Most of the time, these ramps are commonly found for businesses. They’re the strongest and most permanent of the ramps, which has its benefits and drawbacks. Oftentimes, business owners will need a building permit to make this type of ramp possible.

Aluminum Ramps

Our aluminum ramps are some of our most popular options from Able Care Group. For one thing, we offer a lifetime warranty for this specific type of ramp. The ramps are also recyclable, making them eco-friendly as well! You’ll never have to worry about splinters, rotting, or even rust with an aluminum ramp. It’s a super secure material, but for as permanent as it is, you won’t have to worry about leaving it behind should you move to a new home. Our team can easily disassemble it and reinstall it for you if you’re still in the New Jersey or New York area!

Steel Ramps

You might think of a steel ramp as being stainless steel, but we actually apply a black finish for a classic and timeless look. Like our wooden wheelchair ramps, steel ramp installation takes just a few hours. It’s usually not as expensive as an aluminum ramp, though it comes with a 3-year warranty instead of a lifetime one, and can be more prone to rusting if not treated properly. That being said, steel ramps continue to be very popular — we installed one for the Albany Ronald McDonald House not too long ago!

Ultimately, a wheelchair ramp provides you with so much more access and mobility, no matter what kind you choose. Able Care Ramp has the mobility solutions you need, and can install a ramp for your home or business in a matter of hours. The first step is to get a consultation — call us for a free quote to begin!